Impaired Driving / Drug Offences

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Impaired Driving / Drug Offences

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DUI Lawyer in Toronto

A few charges qualify as a driving offence, commonly called DUI (driving under the influence). These include impaired driving, negligence or refusal to perform physical sobriety tests or provide a breath or blood sample. DUI also includes Impaired Driving charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which is important as Canada legalizes marijuana; it will implement new changes to existing DUI laws. 

For drunk driving in Canada, fines range from monetary penalties to jail (A $1000 fine + twelve-months driving prohibition to 120 days in jail + a thirty-six-month driving prohibition) depending on whether there are last sentences, but your license is often suspended. However, you can reclaim it under specific conditions. If you hurt someone physically, the maximum jail sentence is ten years. If you kill a person, the maximum penalty is life in prison.

How SP Law Can Help With Your DUI Defence

You can defend against DUI charges or withdraw them with the help of a skilled DUI lawyer, a criminal lawyer who is acquainted with police processes and provides evidence against allegations. Saidaltaf Patel and his firm are highly experienced in Impaired Driving, 80mg over, SP Law Office A Professional Corporation, and have developed a winning record and the skills required to defend any case given the opportunity successfully. Remember, it’s better to contact a Criminal Lawyer before pleading guilty! 

Here we use our extensive trial experience to challenge the accuracy of police evidence and courageously raise all possible defences and arguments. We know all of the potential reasons you can utilize in your particular case and will likely be victorious in winning your impaired driving case. From your initial meeting, we will look at your issue, study what occurred on the day you were arrested for impaired driving and explain possible defences that we may utilize to win your case.  

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