Bail Hearings

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Bail Hearings

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SP Law has your Bail Hearing Lawyer in Toronto

Bail hearings are among the most critical hearings an accused will face when charged with a criminal offence in Canada. Bail hearings decide whether an accused must stay in custody or be allowed to continue living their lives in the community while they await their trial date.

With trial dates in Canada often being eight to one year following an accused’s arrest, the outcome of a bail hearing can sometimes have a more significant impact on an accused’s life than the trial itself. That is why it is so helpful to have an experienced bail lawyer.

How SP Law Can Help

Per the law, defendants accused of a crime should present themselves in court within 24 hours. We will meet with you during this time to explain the procedure, gather information, and decide how to get you out of jail. If it becomes essential to go to court, we will prepare witnesses and ensure we have the records and other evidence to put together the best case on your behalf. 

SP Law Office’s lawyers have significant experience leading complex bail hearings. We are happy about our record of success, and we prevail because we are prepared. We win our cases through preparation, integrated with our knowledge and experience, at every step, from a bail hearing to trial. No matter what you are accused of, we can develop a release plan tailored to your situation to give you the best chance of getting bail.

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