Spousal Sponsorship Appeals

SP Law Will Provide the Best Chance of Appealing Your Refusal

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Spousal Sponsorship Appeals

SP Law Will Provide the Best Chance of Appealing Your Refusal

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Canada Spousal Sponsorship Appeals and Refusals

Have you been refused a spousal sponsorship visa for Canada?

Appealing a rejection can be an intimidating process. At SP Law Office, we understand how daunting this situation may feel and are here to help you navigate the appeals process. We’re experienced in immigration law and provide trusted advice for anyone seeking a fair review of their application.

Our team specializes in helping applicants file strong cases on your behalf so that you have the best possible chance of getting approval. Not only do we ensure all paperwork is filled out accurately, but we also strive to help explain why sponsorships should be accepted based on the unique circumstances of each individual case.

You’re in the best hands with SP Law, as we will do everything in our power to get your sponsorship approved!  Take advantage of a free case evaluation by contacting us at (416) 850-3673 today, and receive specialized assistance with your sponsorship appeal! 

Legal Support for Spousal Sponsorship Appeals in Canada

Our Immigration Lawyers in Toronto Are Ready to Work with Your Family

At SP Law Office, we understand the desire to be reunited with your family in a new country. Our dedicated team is here to help those affected by sponsorship refusals or delays – and our Immigration lawyer has earned certification as a Canadian Immigration law specialist from The Law Society of Canada! We promise you one step closer to achieving that life-long dream: reuniting families right here in Canada. Don’t worry about all the paperwork – let us take care of it so that together, we can make this happen for you!

Schedule your free case evaluation by contacting us at (416) 850-3673, and get started on reuniting yourself with family members today!

How to Appeal a Spousal Sponsorship Refusal in Canada

To appeal your sponsorship application refusal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), you must follow several steps, such as:

  • File Your Notice of Appeal – Complete a Notice of Appeal form and submit this along with a copy of the refusal letter sent to your family member.

  • Receive Your Appeal Record – When the IAD receives your Notice of Appeal, it will forward your case to the Minister’s counsel, who will send you an appeal record outlining why your application was refused.

  • Prepare Your Case – You must gather relevant information and documentation to explain why your spouse or partner should be reconsidered for spousal visa approval. 

  • Enter the Early Resolution Process – This informal process allows you to present additional information that may allow your appeal to get resolved without a formal hearing.

  • Get Your Hearing Date – In the event that your case cannot be resolved in the Early Resolution Process, you will receive a hearing date and a Notice to Appear.

  • Gather Your Information – You must provide new corroborative documents and a list of witnesses to the Minister’s counsel 20 days before the hearing.

  • Attend Your Hearing – You will be required to answer questions presented by the Minister’s Counsel regarding your appeal. Your witnesses will be called to testify, and you will be expected to make closing arguments.

How Will SP Law Help You with Your Spousal Sponsorship Appeal?

At SP Law, we understand that the appeals process can be intimidating and appear daunting. Because of this, our experienced team of immigration lawyers is here to help you every step along the way – from filing necessary paperwork in a timely manner with all relevant information presented clearly; down to fighting for your best outcome so that you can have peace of mind knowing you will soon reunite with loved ones back home! And at SP Law, rest assured – whatever it takes is what we promise to do for individuals who deserve second chances.

Whether you are just starting the Spousal Sponsorship application process or have a refused spousal sponsorship application and must submit a Notice of Appeal, our lawyers are ready to guide you through the process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call our office 7 Days a Week at (416) 850-3673 for a free case evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your application to stay in Canada is rejected, don’t despair! Retaining the services of SP Law can help you file for judicial review and give you another chance. It might take a few months, but it could be the key to unlocking new opportunities here. Contact us today at (416) 850-3673.

  • You missed important documents and details
  • You or the sponsored spouse or family member are ineligible
  • You defaulted on a previous sponsorship
  • The five-year term hasn’t passed since your own sponsorship
  • You are a recipient of financial aid in Canada
  • You have a criminal record

If you have been refused for these or any other reasons, contact SP Law today at (416) 850-3673, and let us help get the approval that you are dreaming of.

The Appeal Division is committed to providing timely results. Generally, decisions are made within four months of receiving an appeal submission; however, there’s no concrete timeline in place under the law – meaning reviews will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to when they were received.

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"helped me to close on my very complicated case"
Siraj Sheth
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My wife's case had been going for a long time regarding visa so that she could live in Canada. However, for quite a while, her visa kept refused by the immigration. I contacted Lawyer Altaf Patel and finally, my case for my wife has finally got the visa. He fought for right to come Canada, and because of his efforts, the case was successful. Altaf Patel is very friendly and nice, and he is a good lawyer to have!
"very professional and handled my case promptly"
Karishma Rathod
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SP LAW office staff and the Lawyer are excellent. They are very professional and handled my case promptly with timely manner. The Lawyer has excellent knowledge, is very friendly and professional. I would recommend SP LAW office and the Lawyer for all your legal needs 100%. If google had 10 starts for this corporation, I would have given full 10.
"professional, helpful and very honest"
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I would like to thank M. Altaf, he is so professional, helpful and very honest. He knows what he is doing, I asked him for a small favour related to my case, and he accepted to do it for free. I highly recommend this lawyer. May Allah bless you and protect you and your family. You are the best.

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