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Immigration Refusal

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Take the stress out of getting your loved one to Canada

Are you facing a refusal of your immigration application?

SP Law office is the perfect place to get expert advice and assistance. We provide comprehensive legal services for cases involving immigration refusals, from appealing rejections to representing clients in Federal Court. Our team is experienced with navigating Canadian laws when it comes to immigration applications. We understand how frustrating and stressful these refusals can be, so we are here to help.

Nobody wants an unfair or unjust outcome regarding their previously filed application, so we aim to ensure that doesn’t happen by providing knowledgeable advice and strategic representation tailored just for you. Contact us today no matter what type of decision you are facing – whether it’s work permits, visas or permanent residence status!

We will put all our expertise into helping provide the best possible outcome for your case. Contact the SP Law office 7 days a week at (416) 850-3673 for a free case evaluation on your Immigration Refusal.

Areas that SP Law can help you


If you have received an unfavourable decision on your immigration or citizenship matter, you may qualify for a judicial review of that decision. SP Law Office has significant experience in successfully handling judicial review leave applications. SP Law Office has successfully obtained positive results from the Federal Court for its clients.

SP Law Office’s approach to handling a judicial review for your immigration application begins with a thorough examination of the decision-maker’s reasons to highlight the areas where the Decision Maker made an error of law, error of fact or delivered an unreasonable or unfair decision. SP Law Office will then assemble the strongest arguments for the written Memorandum of Argument to be filed with the Court, identifying the issues involved in your case. Our strategy is to tactfully and persuasively articulate winning arguments that will capture the Court’s attention, depending on supporting jurisprudence and legislation relevant to your case.

Our precise knowledge of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and constitutional issues about immigration and refugee matters, position us to frame the arguments of your case creatively and in a compelling manner. Using our experience and expertise, we help our clients navigate the complex procedures in the Federal Court Rules.

Only a lawyer can represent you in the Federal Court of Canada.


To maintain your PR status, the law requires you to reside in Canada for 730 days over a five-year period. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about the time frame, as the period is based upon the preceding five years of your application to renew a PR card or the travel document.

The visa officer may refuse your application if you do not meet the residency obligation. The decision of the visa office denying the renewal of your PR card or travel document is appealable. This appeal is called a residency appeal.

The appeal may be based on law or humanitarian and compassionate grounds. You may still win your appeal if you have not met the residency obligation. Suppose you prove at the appeal that there are enough humanitarian and compassionate grounds to award you special relief. In that case, the appeal division can order to issue a new PR card or travel document.


There are two types of sponsorship: spousal sponsorship and parental sponsorship.

Applying to sponsor a family member can be overwhelming, especially if your application gets refused. If you are the sponsored spouse or parent, there may still be hope; however – appealing a refusal requires presenting evidence of valid marriage and that you entered into it for reasons other than gaining immigration status regarding spousal sponsorship applications. Furthermore, one can appeal parental sponsorship rejection due to either not meeting Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) requirements or medical grounds.


As a Canadian permanent resident, being charged with criminal offences may put your status at risk. Enlisting the help of an experienced immigration lawyer can protect you from potential inadmissibility. Before pleading guilty, consult with an immigration attorney to ensure your path forward is clear. And remember, if deemed inadmissible, you’ll have the opportunity to appeal your case to the Immigration Appeal Division.

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