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Visitor Visa and Super Visa Back

Most of the people coming to Canada even for a temporary visit to meet friends, relatives, business or tourism will needs Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization depending on the country of origin.

The Immigration Act requires all visitors, except those exempt by regulation, to obtain a Visitor Visa before coming to Canada. Applicants must demonstrate to visa officials that they have significant family, social, economic and cultural ties to their country of origin and that they have sufficient means to support themselves during their visit to Canada. Applicants must also satisfy visa officials that there is no risk that they will overextend their visit to Canada.

Super Visa is an extended form of Visitor’s visa and parents/grandparents of Canadian Citizen as well as Permanent Residents can apply for issue of Super Visa. The Child or grandchild needs to send a written invitation, with details of his family size, financial evaluation details along with medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance Company valid for one year from the date of entry for at least $ 100,000/- coverage.

There are various requirements to prove bonafide relationship between inviter and invitee, specific details in the Invitation letter, financial evaluation of the Child/ Grandchild and our team can provide complete details and apply for Visa/Super Visa as per the eligibility of the Applicant.