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Study Permit Back

Study permit is a document which allows foreign nationals to study in designated learning institutions in Canada. Study permit is usually valid for the length of the Study program, plus an extra 90 days which allows him to leave Canada or get it extended.

For Study permit, Student needs to be enrolled in any designated learning institution and to prove that he has enough funds to pay for the tuition fees, living expenses during study period and return transportation and to convince the Visa officer that he will leave Canada at the end of his Studies.

However no Study permit is required if the duration of course is less than or equal to 6 months.

After completion of studies, Student is entitled to get a post graduate work permit which allows him to work with any employer during the validity of the work permit. In the process of studying in Canada, Applicant acquires Canadian Education, Canadian work experience and therefore gets higher CRS points for Express Entry. This positive factor substantially increases his chances of getting invitation for Permanent residence under Express Entry program leading to acquiring Permanent Status is Canada.