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The Family class category includes Spousal Sponsorship which can be done while the Applicant is located outside Canada or inland Sponsorship from within Canada. Other category in the Family class is the Sponsorship for parents and grandparents. Sponsorship in the Spousal category can be done by a Spouse, Common law partner or conjugal partner if he/she is at least 18 years of age, a Canadian Citizen, or Permanent Resident of Canada, not receiving social assistance other than Disability and can prove that he /she can provide for the basic needs of the persons being Sponsored. There is no minimum income requirement for Spousal Sponsorship.

Same sex marriages are recognized in Canada and Applicant being sponsored with the same sex as Sponsor can be done as long as it is established that same sex marriage was legal in the country where marriage took place.

For Sponsorship of parents and grandparents, Sponsor is required to prove his relationship with the Applicant, provide proof of income and there is Low income cut off figures which depends on the size of the family and province where the Sponsor resides.

There are various documents to prove that marriage is legal in Canada as well as in the country where it took place and that it was genuine, legitimate and ongoing relationship and not entered primarily for the purpose of Immigration.

Our professionals can provide detailed information about the requirements, documents required and help to unite the family.

In the unlikely event of refusal from the visa office, our experts can take up the matter for Appeal to the Tribunal and/or Federal Court of Canada to ensure proper justice is done to the case.