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Immigration/Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

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SP Law Office A Professional Corporation

Immigration/Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

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Are you looking for an experienced Immigration or Criminal Defence lawyer in Toronto?

SP Law Office is a Toronto-based immigration and criminal law firm that can help you navigate your case. Our team of experienced lawyers will provide personalized services to ensure the best outcome for your situation. We prioritize clients’ needs, and our consultations are tailored to each individual’s circumstances for the most favourable result.

With our expertise and experience handling complex cases inside the courtrooms and with government agencies, we strive to bring top-quality representation by delivering superior results every time. Let us help you navigate even the most difficult situations, no matter how challenging they may be.

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About SP Law Office A Professional Corporation

SP Law Office is a Toronto-based law firm specializing in Immigration and Criminal Defence. At SP Law Office, we believe in the philosophy of SERVICE.

Our goal is to make our client’s dreams come true.

Over the years, we have successfully helped thousands of people with their criminal defence, as well as immigration and citizenship requirements. SP Law Office has a highly respected and long history with immigration stakeholders. We are one of the few remaining law firms focusing on Canadian immigration and citizenship. We represent clients from all over the world and have profoundly impacted people’s lives, uniting them with their families. 

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At SP Law Office, we have developed expertise in criminal defence, complicated citizenship, immigration and refugee appeals and inadmissibility cases. We also help individuals applying for temporary and permanent residence in Canada. Besides successfully helping many persons and companies every year, our clientele comprises other lawyers and fellow stakeholders. 

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