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DUI Charges Back

What is DUI Charges?

Have you got a past criminal conviction such as a DUI, you may denied entry in Canada?

After a person is arrested for drinking and driving in USA, their state’s department of motor vehicles will seek to suspend their driver’s license before the person has actually been convicted of the crime.

This is legal because it is a civil proceeding, not a criminal one. Driving is considered a privilege not a right, which is why the department of motor vehicles can suspend or revoke a person’s license for a drinking and driving charge. If the department of motor vehicles finds you guilty of DUI, you’ll get what’s known as an SR-22 insurance policy—an extremely high rate insurance policy. However, the DMV may reinstate your license if you get an SR-22 insurance policy.


Contact A Canadian Lawyer Immediately before you arrive.

It’s important prior to your arrival to Canada consult with a qualified DUI defense or Immigration attorney. This is considered a serious criminal matter in Canada.


You may need A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).

This allows one to enter Canada under the status of either a visitor, student or worker. In a case where you have been deemed to be inadmissible, a Temporary Resident Permit would allow an individual to enter the country. You may be deemed inadmissible for the same reasons why you were denied entry to the country such as, not having the appropriate documentation, having a medical condition or past criminal record.

If you have a past criminal conviction in USA or outside Canada, our immigration firm can conduct a criminality assessment and determine whether or not you would be inadmissible to enter Canada. After your criminality assessment, we may determine that you are eligible for a criminal rehabilitation application. A positive result on such an application would clear the criminal inadmissibility issue which prevents you from entering Canada. But, such a results can only be arrived at through expert experience.

In a case where you are inadmissible, We can put together a case for a temporary resident permit for you. If you are concerned prior to your travels about whether or not you are admissible to enter the country, the professionals at our firm can first conduct a criminality assessment and then prepare an application package which you can present when you enter Canada to an immigration officer. However, you must be aware that there is no guarantee that the application will be approved if you present it in person when you enter a Canadian port of entry.

You also must be from a visa exempt country in order to make a in person application for a TRP. By making an application in person, there is always the risk of having it declined and having to go back home.

In an ideal situation, a Temporary Residence Permit case would be submitted well before you plan to enter Canada to ensure that you receive a decision prior to your travels.